Particle electron 0.7.0 firmware updater

particle electron 0.7.0 firmware updater

particle electron 0.7.0 firmware updater

0.7.0 (see additional changelog 0.7.0-rc.1 ~ 0.7.0-rc.7) BUGFIX [Photon/Electron] WKP pin needs to be disabled as a wakeup source on boot to allow its normal operation #1496

Installed firmware 0.7.0 and I started to have all kind of problems, like getting disconnected, not able to connect anymore until device was power off/on, etc, etc. I thought it was a router/WiFi problem, so I called provider, provider said all is good. Tried to go back to 0.6.3, I couldn’t. I installed the latest beta, devices are working fine. once again.

Hello, I want to update a new purchased Electron that comes with the firmware version 0.4.8 to 0.6.4 ( I haven’t tested 0.7.0 yet). Is it possible? I’m using the command particle update, but it updates the version to 0.7.0 in any case, and seems impossible to change the target version to an old one. Thank you

YModem e.g. particle flash --serial bootloader-0.6.2-photon.bin. 0.7.0-rc.3 Changelog DEPRECATED API [PR #1365] Beginning with 0.8.0 release, Particle.publish() and Particle.subscribe() methods will require event scope to be specified explicitly. Please update your apps now to include the event scope to avoid compilation errors in >=0.8.0. BUGFIX

Here is what happened to me: Upgraded Electron from release 0.6.1 to 0.7.0 Downgraded back to 0.6.1 by flashing the three spark firmware binaries to Electron. Ran a test program that reports the reset reason using System.resetReason() Whenever a reset was instigated by the reset pin, System.resetReason() would return 0 (i.e. RESET_NONE) instead of 20 (i.e. RESET_REASON_PIN) …

Since 0.7.0: // EXAMPLE - combining Particle.publish() flags // No longer necessary, PRIVATE is always used even when not specified Particle.publish("motion-detected", PRIVATE | WITH_ACK); Particle.publish() flags can be combined using a regular syntax with OR operator (|). For products, it's possible receive product events sent by devices using webhooks or the Server-Sent-Events (SSE) …

When downgrading to older versions, downgrade to 1.2.1, then 0.7.0 first, then 0.6.3(Photon/P1), 0.6.4(Electron), then to an older version such as 0.5.5. 1.5.4-rc.1 Note: If your Gen 2 Photon/P1 or Gen 3 device does not have a Cloud connection, it is recommended to update system firmware, and then the bootloader via CLI with particle flash --serial bootloader.bin (bootloaders found in Github ...

 · At this point, attempting to downgrade system-part1 will fail silently, since the new bootloader (v100) cannot access DCT and read module update info, thus, in order to downgrade from 0.7.0-rc.1 to 0.6.2, photon/p1 firmware modules should be flashed in the following order with 0.6.2 system binaries: system-part2 -> bootloader (v11) -> system-part1.

Since I’m pretty new to the Electron I have a question concerning how best to update any electron I have in the field with both an application I create and any system software that I may want to upgrade too. I have an RV on a lot but in the winter time I won’t be close enough to it, to update any new applications or changes I write; I would normally use the USB (CLI) to update if close ...

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