How to firmware update xfinity modem

how to firmware update xfinity modem

how to firmware update xfinity modem

Using a Modem and Router If you don't have an Xfinity xFi Gateway, you'll need to periodically check for firmware updates. Generally, you can check for these updates through your router's administration site. For specific instructions, please see your router's user guide.

 · I have my own Netgear CM1000 modem. Netgear says I cannot update the firmware on my own, that Comcast will have to push it. Current firmware version is v 5.01.04. According to Netgear Comcast has v6.01.02. I've tried talking with an agent on the phone with no luck. Tried asking them to escalate, with no luck.

 · Open the "Firmware," "Router Upgrade," or "Update" page. The name of this page will be different for every different router manufacturer. The location varies, but you can usually find it in the "Administration," "Utilities," or "Maintenance" section.

I remember checking the manufactorers site and indeed the firmware was not up to date to their specs at least. So how do I know if I'm up to date and if not how to update the firmware in my Gateway? I have to say, I'm conimplating getting my own router if Comcast cannot keep me secure! And to top it off, don't even acknoledge that the Gateway ...

Have also been reading forum posts about Comcast users' terrible experiences getting Xfinity to push proper firmware updates to this model modem (presumably, only modems rented from Comcast) and Comcast's supposed refusal to update firmware in customer-owned modems at all. Other posts have claimed Comcast reps are stating that they don't update anybody's modem - ever - regardless of who …

Can a Comcast employee please update the firmware on my Netgear C6300. I have the MAC address and the phone support says it’s not their job to support third party routers/modems. But the Netgear website says it is, and other posts on here show that Comcast does push the firmware updates to third party routers/modems.

 · As on my current Comcast Xfinity router, there’s no way to updgrade it yourself. On the positive side, this means your router will update automatically and you won’t need to do anything about this yourself. Modern routers often offer automatic updates, and you’ll want to leave this option enabled — or enable it if it isn’t already. For example, “Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers” offer ...

 · This step-by-step guide describes the firmware/portware upgrade process for Cisco routers with digital modems. This document assumes you already have a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server that contains the new modem firmware/portware images you need to load onto your router. Alternatively, you can use the newer File Transfer Protocol (FTP) copy.

Comcast Customer Service is here to provide Help and Support for your Xfinity Internet, TV, Voice, Home and other services.

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